As you may know, your area is under a potential storms or hurricane threat in the upcoming days. Hurricanes often bring flooding, high winds and sometimes even tornadoes. As the storm approaches, we encourage you to prepare for your personal safety the safety of your family and home. Here are some helpful tips to save you time and give you the information you need.


  • Prepare an "Action Plan" in the Event of an Evacuation
  • Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit
  • Address landscaping concerns in advance of storm season
  • Reinforce windows & doors
  • Move furniture and household fixtures
  • Turn off utilities
  • Reinforce your garage door
  • Test and refuel your backup generator
  • Inventory your home and possessions -- store your photos, videos, and important documents somewhere safe, because you may need to share them with your insurance agent


  • Stay informed of approaching storms
  • Evacuate if requested by authorities
  • Identify a "shelter" room in your home
  • Keep family and pets together and away from windows


  • When moving around outside, beware of loose or dangling power lines
  • If your home has sustained damage, take steps to prevent further damage
  • Use your emergency supply of water
  • Do not operate gas, propane or charcoal grills, or generators, indoors
  • Have at least three days of water per person on hand
  • Store canned or dry goods that can be consumed without heating or cooling
  • Stock special infant needs such as formula and diapers
  • Store water and food supplies for your pets
  • Be sure to have working flashlights and extra batteries
  • Keep your important papers, medications and contact information with you and store them in a waterproof container
  • Keep your credit cards and bank ATM cards on hand, and have some cash in case of extended local power outages

For more preparedness information visit ready.gov/hurricanes.

Track storms at NOAA.gov